National Blue Beret 15 July - 29 July 2024
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National Blue Beret is one of several mission bases for the AirVenture Search and Rescue Mission that is assigned by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center.

These ES qualifications are required to participate in this mission.

​Cadets not complete by 1 June will be replaced.

  • Aircraft Ground Handling Video and Test

  • (NBB Safety requires everyone to have taken AGH within the 12 months prior to the start of NBB ) If your AGH is still current,  retake AGH anyway and send a screenshot to   


  • Basic Risk Management

  • Intermediate Risk Management

FEMA requires you to register in their Student Identification System at this link 

You will need to upload your certificates in eservices. Go to your 101 card. Under your name, you'll see "View and Upload Documents". Select which document you are uploading, then select the certificate file on your computer. It will need approval from your squadron leadership before it shows up in eservices. 

  • ICUT 

    • Online courses in the LMS 
    • Hands-On by your Comms Officer

Emergency Services

  • CAPT 116 with GES approved by your unit

  • CAPT 117 part 1  

  • CAPT 117 part 2 

  • CAPT 117 part 3 

It is NOT an option to complete the above training during the activity. 

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