National Blue Beret 17 July - 31 July 2023
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Primary Cadet Basic Quals Status

This page is updated manually once or twice a week. 

This status page is here to help you understand where you are in the pre-activity preparations. You must have these things done before you can attend. 

The page is sorted by CAPID. You can use Ctrl F for PC or Cmnd F for Apple to search for your CAPID

Information you should be looking for on this page:

  1. Have you accepted your slot? Did you open the Welcome Email and select "Accept" which opens a Registration Form? We need that info ASAP.
  2. Do you need CPPT? If the CPPT column says "Needs CPPT", then you do.
  3. Are all 10 of your quals done?
    • AGH - You must refresh AGH if it has not been done after 8/1/22. We understand it may still be current, however, NBB safety requires you to take it if you haven't done so or to refresh it, even if it's current. The date should be within 12 months prior to the start of the activity. 
    • ICUT has two parts. If your ICUT is showing incomplete and you feel you are done, you might have missed the hands-on portion of the course. Talk to your squadron leadership.  
    • IS 100 & 700 please read the instructions on the quals page 
  4. Will your membership expire before the activity? Please renew it before that happens.

Please direct questions to

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