National Blue Beret 15 July - 29 July 2024
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Short List

The Short List is here to provide you with information to help you increase your chances to attend NBB. The Alternate List is directly below it. You cannot move from the Alternate List to the Short List until all of your quals are complete, you have responded by using the form in the Alternate Email to indicate your interest, and your application is complete.

The Selection Criteria: 

  1. Submit your online response form per the instructions in the Welcome Email

    • Open the Welcome Email and follow the instructions.  If you didn't get an email, check your spam folder. If you can't find it, then email Admin. 

    • To indicate you're interested does not mean to reply to the email itself.

    • Fill out the online form only once. The timestamp is used to select who goes next, by who filled out the form first. If you fill it out repeatedly your date and time get later and later and you actually move down the list instead of up the list. The only time you need to fill it out again is if you decided you are not interested.

  2. Qualifications

    •  All 10 quals must be complete. AGH must be refreshed, even if it's current in eservices. The refresh date has to be within one year from the start of NBB.

  3. Not slotted for another NCSA

    • National wants to provide more cadets with opportunities to attend NCSAs. Limiting cadets to one activity increases the number of Primary slots to offer more cadets.

  4. On-Time Application

    • Applications submitted in services through 15 Jan are considered "On-Time" and are given priority. 

    • Applications submitted after 15 January are accepted but are marked "late" and will be considered AFTER all applications submitted before the deadline.

    • If you make any changes--add a phone number, change an item on your medical tab, add a preference, take one off, edit a question on a supplement, add a supplemental document--between the priority placement cutoff date (on time) and when initial slotting announcements are made on or about 1 March, your application will be marked as "late."  If you need to make a change, contact, and if the change is permitted, we will do so and remark your application as "on time."

  5. Complete Application

    • An incomplete application could be simply forgetting to hit submit.

    • An incomplete application with missing personal information will move through for squadron and wing approvals and will be considered.

    • An incomplete application that doesn't have the medical tab finished will not move through for approvals, and won't be considered. 

Some of the lists below are sorted by the number of quals finished.

Others are sorted by CAPID. Use Ctrl or Cmnd F to search for your CAPID

Scroll bars are on the page as well as the form itself.

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