National Blue Beret 15 July - 29 July 2024
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NOTE: Everyone is an Alternate as soon as they apply. It does not mean that you have not been selected until after auto-slotting in early March. You will get an email from NHQ to let you know your status. 

 Experience has shown that many cadets will drop the activity therefore you much be vigilant about watching your email for communication from the activity staff.

There will be an email that goes out asking if you are still interested. It is very important to fill out that form. That timestamp and other criteria will be used later to help determine who is higher on the "Short List". The "Short List" is a list of Alternates that have all of their required quals complete, they have responded to the email by filling out the form. Cadets that were on the list last year and have re-applied have priority, as well.

More info will be posted soon.

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