National Blue Beret 15 July - 29 July 2024
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Congratulations on being selected as a Primary for National Blue Beret! 

The anticipation is almost overwhelming. Wondering if you're going to be selected, finding out you made it, now what? You want to make sure you have everything you're supposed to. Follow the steps provided and you'll be on the NBB compound in no time! 

STEP 1. Start by paying your $100 deposit to secure your slot. 

STEP 2. Fill out your online registration forms.

STEP 3. Fill out your form packet and email it.

STEP 4. Look at your qualifications. You must have those completed to attend. 

STEP 5. Travel plans may take a while to put together. Please take into consideration that we may have a CAP van coming from your wing, or maybe you can ride-share others near you. After slotting, there will be a map published with everyone's location.

STEP 6. Start putting your packing list items together. Make sure you bring exactly what is on the packing list. You won't need anything else. 

Print out the Smartbook. Learn it. It will help you understand what's expected of you and how things work. This activity is not an encampment-style activity. It is a work atmosphere. 

After flight assignments have been made, your flight staff will be in contact with you. 


If you have questions, start with the FAQs. If you don't find an answer there, you can call or email Lt Col Pat Crockett at 913-208-7282


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