​​​National Blue Beret

A CIVIL AIR PATROL National Cadet Special Activity

NBB is, first and foremost, a National Cadet Special Activity (NCSA).

The “operational period” during National Blue Beret is an actual USAF Mission…

All required qualifications must be complete

prior to the start of NBB in order for members

to participate in the mission.

NBB is one of several mission bases for the EAA

AirVenture Search and Rescue Mission in the

Wisconsin Wing. During the day, NBB flights

sign into the mission for an ES shift.

This document is to provide clear expectations

and to answer any questions that might arise as you pack for National Blue Beret (NBB).

To be successful at NBB, you need to bring EXACTLY what is on the list.  Nothing more, nothing less!

Each item on this list has a purpose and is required.

To download a printable packing checklist CLICK HERE

In the Public Eye

Expect a visit by NHQ Staff, EAA Leadership, and Guests of honor at all times!

This NCSA is held during one of the most highly visible, 

public environments there could possibly be in your

CAP career. Over 500,000 people visit AirVenture every year!

There are over 550 members of the press with microphones,

video cameras, and taking photos.

  • Keep your uniform looking good
  • ASSUME you are being watched at all times!

Packing Tips  
Questions and Answers


Detailed Packing Information


Q: Why are we so restrictive about what to bring and not to bring?

A: Because it is exactly what is needed to accomplish the mission.

A: Because airlines charge extra money for bringing extra bags.

A: Because there is limited space at NBB in the lockers.

A: Because extra stuff blocks the isles and becomes a fire hazard.  The Wisconsin Fire Marshall WILL visit the facility and it’s our responsibility to keep it safe.

A: The 15 passenger vans, with the seats removed, fit exactly one flight of cadets, training officer, and driver with all their gear. There is not more room in these vans for extra gear.

A: You do not need to carry more than you need. Additional weight requires more exertion. This can lead to heat related injuries.